Saga of Old City Chronology and Notes
Compiled by The Savant Iquander, Erik Mona (

TIMELINE: Gord is 12 when novel starts. Spends a week in prison. Spends two months in training until gaining the confidance of Theobald. At least one month more with the beggars until chapter five. By chapter six, a week after five, Gord enters his thirteenth spring. Spent more than a week with the Rhennee. After murdering Theobald, Gord and San hid out in the Foreign Quarter for a few weeks before laying low in a dull hostel in the Quarter of Craftsmen for two months. After leaving the Quarter of Craftsmen for The Acorns in Clerkburg, Gord and San spent three years. The first, they spent under the tutelage of Doctor Prosper, an old sage. During this time, the boys learned much of the world in addition to improving their lockpicking skills. The second year, they spent at Grey College. San left Gord to spend the next year of college alone. Gord is now 16 years, 3 months old. At the end of his second year at Grey College, Gord leaves Clerkburg for the High Quarter.

Spending at least two years, nine months in the High Quarter with Teline and Sunray, Gord is eighteen at the beginning of chapter 9. He leaves Greyhawk with the Rhennee, travels north to the Nyr Dyv and eventually harbors in Caverncliff Cove, where he stays for one week. All told, this probably takes about a week and a half. Repairing the barge took another week. At least two weeks with Estrella and to Leukish. So, since leaving Greyhawk, Gord has lived an additional month. 18.1.0

I'd suggest that a week later, the Rhennee dock at Muddich, County of Urnst and make overland for Radigast City. A week after that, Gord pulls his stunt with Adaz in Radigast City. A week after that, Gord is with the Attloi fifty leagues distant. Two weeks later, the Attloi arrive in Caporna. (18.2.1) Gord switched tribes and spent two weeks in Caporna for Fairetime, concluding with the commencement of Goodmonth. Gord is 18 years, two months, three weeks old.

He traveled with the new gypsies for a period of a week until they reached the Great Bend Area, turning southward. The train then passed slowly through County Urnst during Harvester, celebrated Brewfest at Trigot, (18.4.2) and then crossed the Franz River just above the city of Galesford.

Six months, two weeks later (18.11.2), Gord splits with the caravan in Midmeadow after Growfest.

Maybe a week later, Gord and two gypsy friends arrive in Redmod after visiting Ogburg and Wintershiven. Gord seduces Light, which probably takes another two weeks(19.0.1), steals the gold reliquary from the Temple of Pholtus in Redmod and flees the city guardsmen for another two weeks until they confront him amidst the Company of Freetakers. Gord is 19 years, 3 weeks old.

It probably took a week to get to Stoink (19.1), and Gord encountered the survivors of the Company of Freetakers for a full week thereafter, and a remained in the town a couple of weeks more before joining the Thieves' Guild there. Make that 19.1.3.

At this time, Gord and Gellor overhear a conversation in Stoink regarding the Horned Society's invasion of Warfields and Wormhall, which Dragon #56 dates at 578. We can now apply dates to the Saga of Old City Chronology. Chapter 16 occurs Reaping 15, 578 AC. I'd say it takes Gord five days from discovering the plot of the Hierarchs to fleeing with Evaleigh. It is then said in Chapter 19, that the two ride for a week before reaching Midmeadow, which should bring us to Reaping 27, 578. Gord is now 19.2.1.

In chapter 20, the two take a week's hiatus, and then hook up with a caravan of merchants heading for Womtham, a far away city in Nyrond. It takes them another week (19.2.2) to get to the border of Nyrond, ADD HOWEVER LONG IT WOULD TAKE A CARAVAN TO REACH THE FLINTIES, we'll say a week to the Flinties, then two days (19.2.3) to Womtham, which should equal us up with the previous week portion. Gord and Evaleigh, after leaving the caravan, spent three days in Womtham. They join a caravan set for Innspa, but break off and instead set out for Finton Village. This brings us to the end of the week. Gord is now Harvester 3, 578.

The two of them rode for a "few days" to the Flinty Hills, where they were captured by a large group of hillmen. After defeating their leader, the two ride to Owlsthorpe. Three days to Knurll. All of this, for simplicity, takes a week brings us to Harvester 7. He spent a month in the dungeons of Castle Blemu before the notices from Evaleigh stopped (Patchwall 1). I'd say another three weeks passed between this point and Gord and Gellor's visit to the gnomes of the Flinty Hills. Therefore, Chapter 24 begins at the beginning of the third week of Patchwall, 578. Gord is 19 years, 5 months old.

Gord and Gellor spend three days with the gnomes of the Flinty Hills (Patchwall 24) before heading south to the area of Innspa, the two of them leave the Flinties at the end of the week, Ready'reat 3. It takes them two weeks to get to Innspa, where they stay only a day. Then three days in the Adri. Then two at Stalker's camp, preparing for battle against the forces of Ivid. The next day, the woodsmen camp near their eventual destination. This brings us to Ready'reat 24, 578. Gord is 19 years, 6 months old.

They reach Oddgrave Hill three days later, waiting at the Harp river for a day until the advance of the Aerdian army arrived the following day. Readyreat 28. By the time they leave Stalker's thorp, then, Gord is 19 years, 6.25 months old.

Two weeks to Rel Mord. They stayed in Rel Mord for three weeks until the end of Fireseek. They then stayed another eight weeks in Rel Mord till Growfest before riding to Woodwych, which probably took four days. Gord is 19 years, 9.5 months, four days old. Ten days to Nellix round out the two weeks, bringing the month count to an even ten. (I realize here that my calculations are somewhat off, but at any rate, it's Planting 1.

Two days to Mauve Castle, one day there and then off to the cairn. 1 day in the Abbor Alz, 3 more days. That makes it a week and brings us to Planting 7. They reach the foothills after leaving the cairn at the end of the week. Planting 14. Gord's birthday is one month away.

3 days (?) to the village of Capentar (on the Selintan), lets say four days to Greyhawk. Planting 21.

559, Flocktime: Gord Born.

571, fourth week of Goodmonth: Saga of Old City begins.

571, first week of Harvester: War between Greyhawk Thieves' Guild and Beggars' Union.

576: Tension between Rhennee and Duke Karall becomes violent with a number of small naval battles between the bargefolk and the Urnstmen.

578: Horned Society occupies bandit kingdoms of Warfields and Wormhall.

578, Sunsebb 1: The Battle of Woodford. A twelve thousand strong Aerdian army led by Grand Marshal Dreek bent on invading Nyrond through the Adri forest pushed back at the Harp River by a force of woodsmen and sylvan elves half as strong. The planned invasion is foiled.

579, third week of Planting: Saga of Old City concludes.

Gord: (STR 17, Dex 18, CON 16, INT 16, WIS 14, CHA 15, COM 14. Specialized in shortsword and dagger, two weapon style specialization, proficient in crossbow, ) Young boy raised in the Slum Quarter of the Free City of Greyhawk. Short and skinny, Gord was brought up by the scavenger woman Leena some time after the death of his parents. 12 years old at the beginning of the novel. Gord had never known his parents. Called "Gord the Gutless" by his peers in the Slum Quarter.

After a run in with Snaggle, Gord stole a set of nice clothes and made his way to the Petite Bazaar, where he was captured by the city guard and brought to justice. Sentenced to three years of indentured service in the city's penal workhouses, Gord, after a week of such servitude attempted a plan of feigned illness by which he could make an escape.

Discovered by the guard Clyde, Gord was sold into service with Beggarmaster Theobald for a price of ten copper commons. Gord spent two months in trianing here before gaining the confidence of Theobald and was generally seen as a skilled pupil. Here he learned to read and write, even learning the rudimentries of the modern Oeridian and Suel languages and even the thieves' cant and the patois of the Rehennee barge folk. After an additional month of Union activities, Gord was promoted from the status of apprentice to least master, skipping journeyman status altogether.

During a raid by the Thieves' Guild on the mansion of Theobald, Gord killed the Beggarmaster and ran away with San, a young friend.

While living in the High Quarter, several years later, Gord went by many aliases, including that of The Grand Count. He stayed in the Villa Noblesse until he unintentionally raised the suspicions of Arentol. After a short conversation with San, now a master thief, Gord comissioned a Rhennee barge to escape over the Nyr Dyv. After helping the Rhennee defeat a seamonster, Gord was given a ceremonial adoption into Miklos' "Family".

Gord bought a magical dagger from a dwarf in Leukish that ignores armor. Gord had a catseye ring with magical qualities, recieved an amulet of protection against location from Evaleigh and a shortsword +4 from Dunstan that allowed him to see in the night via infravision and also conveyed some amount of True Sight. He also secured a shirt of + 1 elfin chain in the Battle of Woodford.

Leena: Old scavenger woman who raised Gord. Often abusive. Had passed away the winter before the novel begins. Leena had been weak, and the winter had proven too much for her to bear. She treated Gord as something less than a son. Once, she had shown Gord a simple, unremarkeable box, telling him that it had someting to do with his natural parents. Then, with cruel glee, she took the box outside the hovel the two shared and buried it deep within the earth, saying "Best that this memory remain buried."

Yarm: The turnkey of Gord's prison in the workhouse of the Free City.

Clyde: A guard in Gord's section of the prison in Greyhawk City, Clyde suspected Gord's escape gambit and aided in his release, taking the young lad to Beggarmaster Theobald. Known amongst the beggars as Clyde the Sharper, the "guard" released Gord from the prison only to sell him into apprerenticeship with the Beggarmaster for the price of ten copper commons.

Roak: A guard in the neighboring section of Gord's prison. Stood Clyde's shift when the guard took Gord to the Beggarmaster.

Ralph, the Honorable Elder of Seven Mile Hill: Encountered in the Wizard's Hat by Violet and Gord, the foppish "Master" ventured to an upper room where Violet discoverd his ruse. Far from the Town Elder he claimed to be, "Ralph" was, in fact, a thief who attempted to bilk the girl of her fake jewels. When she objected, a short fight ensued in which Violet stuck the man in the shoulder with a poisoned knife. The injured "noble" stumbled from the bedchamber to the commonroom downstairs, where he expired in agony, setting off a womanhunt that would last several days.

Calvert: The ancient proprietor of The Acorns, an equally ancient inn built near the walls of the New City in Clerkburg. A red-faced man full of good humor and jokes, Calvert often bragged that his family had run the inn since the walls had been expanded to encompass it.

Prosper: An old sage stationed in Clerksburg, Prosper taught Gord and San in the ways of the world. Impatient and crtochety, the retired Prosper preferred tending garden to teaching. After a year's worth of training, Prosper recommended his two pupils to some scholarly friends at the Grey College.

Sir Margus of the noble Velunese House of Leewes: A very young, effete individual who frequented the Patricians' Club in the High Quarter, Margus' age, combined with his title, suggested a wealthy father who had purchased the title for him. Actually a disguise by which Gord tricked rich fools out of their money by cheating at card games.

Madame Belldray: The widow of Degol Belldray, the Madame was doubtlessly one of the richest commoners in the city. So rich, in fact, that she could travel in noble circles with no questions asked. A plump but not unattractive middle aged woman, the Madame often found herself the target of would-be suitors eager to dip into her vast wealth. A common sight in the High Quarter, Madame Belldray often frequented the Patricians' Club.

Lord Dolph, Baron of Cairnway: A frequenter of the Patricians' Club in Greyhawk's High Quarter.

Vronstein, High Priest of Zilchus: A frequenter of the Patricians' Club in the High Quarter. Haughty.

Teline: A female companion of Gord's during the thief's stay in the High Quarter of Greyhawk, Teline and her friend Sunray established with Gord an informal thieving ring. Under the noses of Guilded thieves, occasionally even Arentol himself, the trio bilked the nobles of Greyhawk out of their money with a variety of well planned ruses.

Sunray: As a companion to Teline long before the two met up with Gord, Sunray was often jealous of the others' relationship. Though in truth Teline played the two against each other to an equal degree, Sunray often devised elaborate thieving missions that required the work of only himslef and Teline, leaving Gord at home.

The Headsmen: A gang of young toughs that had moved into Gord's quarter some time after Leena's death. The name came from the fact that one of the members had discovered a large meat cleaver in a nearby shack. These dozen hoodlums quickly established their own territory, even killing a crazy old hermit who contested their domain. The gang members were all a bit older than Gord, a bit more agressive. Snaggle: Full grown, stupid and hulking, Snaggle was the meanest of the Headsmen.

Beggars' Union: Headed by Beggarmaster Theobald, the Union is a group of beggar who operate in the Free City under a unique relationship with the Thieves' Guild, whereby a beggar would always mark a possible target for nearby thieves and, once the thief had made use of the infomation, that thief would alway make a donation to the respective beggar. Beggars wore the symbol of the wooden hand. Developed the Beggars' Sign, a variation on the secret language of thieves and the Merchant's Cant.

Thieves' Guild: Basd in the so-called Thieves Quarter of the Old City, north of the teritory controlled by the beggars. Center of power said to be in The Strip, a wild entertainment section of the River Quarter.

Rhennee: Bargefolk centered in Shack Town, based upon a gypsy society in which the young women deferred to the men, and the strongest of the men deferred to the eldest women, looked upon as something mystical, a cross between a seer, witch, and a clerical matriarch. Refer to themselves as the True Folk.

City of Greyhawk:

Slum Quarter: Old City. Killcat Lane was a prominent street in the "better" (menial workers) section of Slum Quarter. Nearby the Foriegn Quarter. An area exists called the Petite Bazaar (rectangular plaza, marketplace) near the Black Gate. Somewhere named Odd Alley.

Garden Quarter: North part of city. Blue Boar Street, in the Garden Quarter, was reknowned for its shops, its drinking and eating establishments, and the quality of the gentlefolk and rakes who frequented its curving length. On this street, the Wizards Hat, a tavern of no small reputation, enjoyed an excellent locale.

The Strip: an area in the River Quarter leading from Dockside to Low Street was notoriously wide-open and roisterous. While the Thieves' Guild was centered in the Old City, its base of operations was often considered to be the Strip. Here one could find nearly anything desired along the Street of Delights. Here also could be found the Wheel of Gold gambling house.

Thieves' Quarter: Old City. Haven Street, Redcobbles Lane and Cleaver. Waghalter Gate: the place in the wall to the Old City whereby one would venture to the Thieves' Quarter.

Quarter of Craftsmen: Just beyond the south wall of Old City, one can find the Quarter of Craftsmen. The newer portion of the city is sometimes referred to as "New Town".

Clerkburg: Clerkburg was the district of the beureaucratic and the bookish. The Halls, a section of the upper portion of Clerkburg, held most of Greyhawk's legal buildings and many temples. The lower portion was given over to Greyhawk's university. The Acorns, an ancient inn run by the equally ancient Calvert, rested near the wall of the New City in Clerkburg. The Processional ran through Clerkburg. Grey College, in Clerksburg: Not the most fashionable of the many institutions in Greyhawk, but the oldest and well-reknowned for their professors. A tavern called the Roc and Oliphant exists at the end of Burnbrook Lane (Clerkburg). Lots of students hang out there.

Foreign Quarter: Old City. Not too reputable part of town. Near the Slum Quarter.

High Quarter: New Town. Home of the rich and powerful elite, the High City is home to the Patricians' Club, a high priced gambling instituation. To the north of the High Quarter rested the Citadel, to the South, the Garden Quarter. The Nymph and Satyr, a tavern, rested where these two quarters met. Gord lived in this quarter for a time in the Villa Noblesse.

General City Info: The Processional, the largest north-south artery in the Free City. Southward (I'm sure this is a mistake), it led to the Grand Square and the Citadel.