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Co6: Arrêt de la Campagne Living Greyhawk en 2008 posted by admin on 21/08/2007

A Year of Change: The RPGA in 2008

As most of you reading this know, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition was announced at Gen Con Indy on this past Thursday evening. This means great things for the game, and with that, big changes for the RPGA and its programs. Ever since "The Announcement", one of the hot topics both at the convention and online has been "What does this mean for the future?"

At our members' meeting this evening, Ian and I talked to the assembled players, judges, and staff about the RPGA's future. Even though many of you can't be with us, we felt it necessary to send out the "official word" to you as soon as the meeting was concluded, so you could have all the information in one place. Here we go!

Campaigns Concluding
Living Greyhawk has been the face of organized play for the 3rd Edition D&D game. Tremendously successful, thousands participate worldwide in the biggest shared-world D&D game anywhere. LG has been around since the beginning of 3rd Edition, and it will last to the end of the 3rd Edition product line. Starting with a two-round special at D&D Experience 2008 (February 28 – March 2), the campaign will begin its final story arc – a series of core adventures that will build into the climactic two-round finale at Origins 2008. We're pulling out all the stops in these final adventures – no major NPC is off-limits, and you're really going to be a part of the most world- affecting story arc we've ever done. We're getting some of the best authors to ever write for Living Greyhawk to help with these adventures – what the Circle has planned is nothing short of amazing.

While the campaign concludes at Origins next year, it is our sincerest desire to provide you an epic conclusion to the campaign we all love so much.

I know you want more specifics, now that the cat's out of the bag.

Regions will have up to 6 adventures next year – all of them will premiere no later than June 30, 2008. Metaregions will have 4 adventures next year, with the same premiere deadline. All adventures released in 2007 and 2008 will be playable until December 31, 2008.

We're also looking at increasing play opportunities for your characters in 2008 so they have a better chance of reaching the goals you've set for them. The two specials next year – the first and last adventures in the final core story arc – will be available for all conventions soon after they premiere at their respective shows. Many more players will be able to enjoy all of the final adventures for Living Greyhawk, as the specials come to their local shows.

More information on Living Greyhawk's conclusion will become available in the next few weeks on the website.

Xen'drik Expeditions will also be concluding at Origins 2008. As the D&D Campaigns programs use 2-year story arcs, the campaign pulls into its last stop right on time. The Factionmasters have prepared a great final story arc that really engages all of the factions into a final two-round spectacular at Origins next year. Stormreach will never be the same after it's over.

We also bid a fond farewell to Living Kingdoms of Kalamar in 2008. At D&D Experience next year, LK will run its special finale adventures. All other adventures will be playable through the RPGA until March 31, 2008.

So, with the existing campaigns ending, what will rise up to take their place? Read on!

Campaigns Beginning
At D&D Experience 2008, you'll be able to get your first full-on play of D&D 4th Edition in its final form. This will come in the form of preview dventures for the next Living campaign – Living Forgotten Realms! The most popular campaign setting for D&D finally gets its turn as a regionalized Living campaign. If you like the system for Living Greyhawk, you'll love what we have in store with Living Forgotten Realms: more play opportunities for the average gamer, fully supported online and offline play, and a greater shared-world experience than we've ever done before with a Living campaign. Living Forgotten Realms will be the first truly global Living campaign.

But we can't do it without your help! We're placing a call out for administrators to help us on both a global and regional level.

Information on how you can help will be available in September on the RPGA website. Global and regional administrators will get previews of 4th Edition material as they work to provide the most immersive game experience you'll ever find in an organized play campaign.

D&D Experience 2008 is the place to be for exciting previews of the new Living campaign; the campaign fully launches at Gen Con Indy 2008.

With Xen'drik Expeditions ending, a new D&D Campaigns program will take its place. As it is scheduled to begin in late summer/fall 2008, we can't yet announce what it will be, but it will improve upon the success of Xen'drik. (Of course, we'll be looking for help with that as well – once again, check on the website in a few weeks for more info.)

More to Come!
As 2007 rolls on, we'll have a lot more to talk about regarding our current programs, the upcoming programs mentioned above, and other exciting new programs coming out in 2008 and beyond. There's still a lot more information we want to get out to you, but we have to save some of our goodies for a little later!

Thanks to everyone involved in the RPGA for making our organization the success it is today. Stay with us, as it's going to get even better.

Game On!

Ian Richards
Chris Tulach


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