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LGCS: Mise à jour (mai): LGCS v.7.5 posted by admin on 25/05/2007

Expanding LG Play Options
Living Greyhawk Campaign Standards.7.5
by Britt Frey and Jeff Simpson

A revised version the Living Greyhawk Campaign Standards v.7.5 is now available. New rules regarding teleconference play, and opening up Geoff globally as the default home for regionless players necessitated these updates. This updated version of the LGCS is effective immediately and available for download from the campaign documents section on the Living Greyhawk welcome page.

Geoff Goes Global

Living Greyhawk has answered the plight of its homeless. Geoff is now the default home region for anyone living, or stationed, outside the existing regions. Whether you live and play in Caracas, Moscow, Baghdad, Lagos, or beyond, choose Geoff as your home region. Then enjoy running and playing Geoff regional and The Sheldomar Valley metaregional adventures in addition to cores. As always, appeals to change an existing home region are handled by the appropriate regional triad.

Teleconference Play

Call in to your game. New guidelines are included in the LGCS allowing a teleconference play option. Teleconferencing is considered online play and subject to the following guidelines. Regional and metaregional adventures require both the GM and more than 50% of the players participating in the session to be in one physical location within the region or metaregion, respectively. Your registered RPGA address must be within the region or metaregion, respectively, to play a regional or metaregional adventure.

The adventures must be ordered and reported just like any other RPGA event. The GM must mail or otherwise deliver the signed ARs to the participants. His signature must appear on the paperwork.

Other Updates

In addition to the major changes discussed above, the circle took this opportunity to update a number of other items while pulling together the LGCS v.7.5. Here is a quick overview of those changes.

* Magic Item Creation (MIC) changed to Craft Magic Items (CMI) to avoid confusion with references to Magic Item Compendium.
* Note included for adding the Ruathar Gift of the Elves to your CMI at 0 gp.
* Removed Blackwater domain from the Open list (no LG legal deities have it)
* Removed lore of the Ur Flan from the Closed list
* Rhopan now Open for half-orc or half-elf/half-rhennee
* Reprinted rules option clarification. Players are granted a free Retrain for options taken from books they don't own or new books they can't purchase
* Non-standard item upgrade clarification. It is not possible to create a non-standard item by upgrading a magic item.
* Reincarnate rule clarification.
* Added LG Campaign Cards to the list of approved benefits.
* Updated Iuz contacts
* Added Greyhawk City regional feat options.


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