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Co6: Living Greyhawk Cards, Set 1 posted by admin on 09/05/2007

Living Greyhawk Cards, Set 1

Card 1 of 5 - Ice Cities of the Crystalmists: Benefit: You may take the Crystalmist Mountains as your home region. You cannot change your home region. This card unlocks the snow elf subrace from Frostburn. Snow elves are similar to high elves (the standard elven race in the Player's Handbook), but their ability modifiers are +2 Dexterity and -2 Charisma, instead of the normal elven modifiers.

Card 2 of 5 - Not This Time!: Benefit: Unlike other Campaign Cards you play this card after dice are rolled. You can spend this card once per adventure round to reroll a single saving throw that you have just failed. Use the second roll for the check's result even if the result is less desirable. Both rolls are considered the same save so you gain all bonuses (even those granted from other Campaign Cards) on the second roll that you had with the first roll.

Card 3 of 5 - Feat of Strength: Benefit: Spend this card to gain a +8 bonus on your next Strength check or Strength-based skill check. The card must be played before the roll occurs. After using this card, you suffer a -2 penalty to Dexterity and Strength for 1 minute due to strained muscles in your body.

Card 4 of 5 - Adrenaline Rush: Benefit: Spend this card to negate the effects of fatigue.. For 1+CON modifier rounds, you do not suffer the penalties of fatigue. If exhausted, the penalties are reduced to those of fatigue.

Card 5 of 5 - Charm of the Fortunate: Benefit: As a swift action, you can activate the power of this locket, which need be only on your person to use. The locket manipulates the energies of the area, hindering your opponent. The locket provides a -2 penalty to AC, saving throws, and attacks for one round to one enemy that you choose. You may only have one charm of the fortunate in your stack. The benefits of multiple charms of the fortunate do not stack against the same enemy. Once activated, the charm of the fortunate cannot be used again this adventure.


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