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Le Monde de Greyhawk
par Armenfrast

Saga of Old City (GHA1)
par Gary Gygax (1985)

Une revue de Saga of Old City par Eric Mona (Iquander)

a beautiful, wondrous city.
a cruel city.
a harsh, pitiless city for a young orphan boy with no money and no friends -- but plenty of enemies.

Enter the Old City of Greyhawk, that marvelous place where dreams -- and nightmares -- come true. Travel through the world of Oerth along with Gord, the boy who becomes a man as he fights for his survival in a world of mysterious wizards, fearsome monsters, dour dwarves, and beautiful women. For Oerth is a world where a man's eyes always watch the shadows... and a man's hand is always on the hilt of his dagger.

Here, at last, is adventure enough to last a lifetime -- perharps a very short lifetime!

Artifact of Evil (GHA2)
par Gary Gygax (1986)

to some, a cherished homeland.
to others, a target of domination.

When the Artifact of Evil is unearthed from its ancient hiding place, it becomes the object of a battle between the forces of good and evil. At stake is the fate of the entire world of Oerth -- and the lives of those who would preserve and protect the forces of good.

During a quest that spans the breadth of a continent, the young thief Gord and his comrades must confront and conquer the warriors and wizards who stand in their way, in an attempt to keep the Artifact from falling into the hands of those who would use it to gain world domination. Gord is forced to use all of his skills and powers -- and even as considerable as they are, will they be enough to keep the unthinkable from occuring?

Master Wolf (GHA3)
par Rose Estes (1987)

A caravan on a mysterious mission...
A sleeping beauty, stalked by evil...

A young shaman of the fierce Wolf Nomads, cast out by his ancient tribe, must come to grips with his manhood and a family legacy of magic...

Travel the wondrous - and deadly - lands of the Wolf Nomads on a perilous odyssey threatened by a host of monstrous creatures - the warlike kobolds, a terror force of hyenas and gnolls, brute giants and dark magic-users, the roving criminal scum, and above all, the dread Iuz... a chain of fantastic events that may destroy Master Wolf and his savage Wolf companion, TamTur !

The Price of Power (GHA4)
par Rose Estes (1987)

The demon Maelfesh is angry...
The beautiful Princess Julia has been changed into a most ill-tempered wolf...
Her father, the Island King, is prisoner of his own power...
Young shaman Mika, pride of the Wolf Nomads, does not realize his deadly peril...

Welcome to Greyhawk, land of magic and danger, where a perilous mission of honor is threatened by a never-ending onslaught of new and fantastic creatures - harpies and rust monsters, rabid troll wolves, the aboriginal Flannae folk, and invincible dark forces...

The Demon Hand (GHA5)
par Rose Estes (1988)

In search of the gemstones, deep in the salt cavernes of the island of Dramidja...

The wolf-shaman Mika, the enchanted princess, the faithful TamTur and the brave companions, all frozen in time...

Meanwhile...a certain little harpy and two intrepid werewolves join together in a quest to uncover the secret of their heritage, and to break the curse of the kingdom...

Return to the land of Greyhawk, where the demon Maelfesh is up to his usual unusual mischeif, where magic abides and danger rules, where the beleaguered Wolf Nomad Mika must defeat yet another incredible arry of other-wordly sinister forces - the deep-dwelling cavernquatch, the granite moles, the rock beasties and more...
The Name of the Game (GHA6)
par Rose Estes (1988)

A mysterious and spellbinding boardgame has conquered the realm of Perrenland. The king has wagered his throne and lost, the beautiful Princess Linnea finds herself without a royal suitor, and the minions of neighboring Tusman are poised for a deadly invasion.

In this scenario strays our hero, Mika, shaman of the Wolf Nomads, with his magic gemstone and unpredictable demon hand.

Mika is metamorphosed into a griffon and finds himself acclaimed as a prince. Lost behind enemy lines, naked, and deserted by his bonded wolf companon, TamTur, Mika must overcome hippogriffs, stone giants, and the usual assortment of trolls, gnols, orcs, and harpies, plus an entire army of monsters, in order to save te kingdom - not to mention himself.
The Eyes Have It
par Rose Estes (1989)

At long last, the Spider Queen is dead, but Kathryn Fern-Clyffe, Queen for Life of the Yeomanry, is gripped by a strange foreboding...

The Eye of Tiros is missing. The dragons are aloft. The minions of Kranoch the King are on the march. And directed by the dragons is a dark swarm of dread monsters...

The very future of Greyhawk is in the hands of an intrepid hero and his halfling companion, plus a mage-rat named Pfee-Guh and a grizzled dawrf piloting a lighter-than-air ship drawn by magical pegasi.
Sea of Death
par Gary Gygax (1987)

Few people have ventured into the Ashen Desert, and fewer still have returned to tell of what they saw and how they managed to survive. But a young man named Gord cannot allow himself to be disheartened by this knowledge. Part of an ancient and evil artifact is hidden somewhere in the Ashen Desert, burried beneath the arid and deadly landscape of this forsaken area, and Gord has accepted the challenge of finding and holding the Final Key to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it for evil purposes.
Night Arrant
par Gary Gygax

In a world fraught with sorcery and skulduggery, every day can bring a new experience -- some of them humorous, some utterly horrifying. So it is with Gord, a young adventurer who not only attracts excitement but thrives on it.

Night Arrant is a collection of nine short stories spotlighting the character for whom the Gord the Rogue book series is named, showing some sides of him that have not been revealed before. Readers who savor fast-moving fantasy adventure will enjoy seeing how Gord gets himself into and -- most of the time -- out of one predicament after another.
City of Hawks
par Gary Gygax

The young adventurer named Gord has stirred the imagination of thousands of readers with his exploits. City of Hawk takes you to an early time; it is the action-filled tale of how Gord the waif grows into Gord the man. Unknown to him, the skinny boy who struggles to stay alive in the stums is destined to play a pivotal role in the fate of his world.

His obsessive desire to find out about his heritage thrusts Gord into a series of strange and dangerous encounters, some of which take place in a realm unlike any that readers of fantasy adventure have ever visited before.
Come Endless Darkness
par Gary Gygax

The young man named Gord has known for some time that his role in the fate of his world is crucial, perhaps even pivotal. At the same time, he has been troubled by a lack of knowledge about his heritage. In Come Endless Darkness, the sequel to Sea of Death, everything becomes brutally clear to him. Gord is reunited with his old friends Gellor, Chert, and Curley Greenleaf, and leads them into an unearthly realm where death threatens at every step. They must find and vanquish the inhuman beast who is working to unleash the power of Ultimate Evil on the world -- and if they succeed, Gord will also have his revenge against the murderer of his mother and father!

Dance of Demons
par Gary Gygax (1988)

The life of the young thief and adventurer Gord has been building toward a climax for years. Now, in Dance of Demons, the climax has arrived.

In his role as the Champion of Balance, Gord journeys with his comrades to the depths of the demon-infested Abyss and the sublime majesty of the Celestial Sphere. He battles to gain possession of the magical key that holds the secret to loosing the power of Ultimate Evil upon the cosmos.

The forces Gord encounters are much greater in scope than "merely" Good and Evil. The masters of Time, probability, and Entropy also have something to say about how this reality-shaking conflict will be resolved - and they will be heard!

King of the Dead
par Gene De Weese

Une partie du roman (la vie de la Lich Azalin) se déroule sur Oerth, autour de Knurl (Great Kingdom) entre CY 246 et CY 391
Quag Keep
par Andre Norton et Jean Rabe

Une revue de Quag Keep par Eric Mona (Iquander)

Return to Quag Keep
par Andre Norton

In Norton and Rabe's serviceable sequel to Norton's Quag Keep (1978), the first novel based on a role-playing game, the original seven adventurers have survived their quest and regained their memories of who they really aregaming nerds from a variety of locales and occupations on Earth. The "grand purpose" for which they were spirited away to fight may never have existed. Trapped in a backward medieval world, the seven yearn to return home. Eventually, they meet another human in their same situation and discover there is a purpose involving Earth for which they must fight.
par Robin Wayne Bailey
The Ice Dragon (HC1 - Sagard The Barbarian)
par Gary Gygax
The Green Hydra (HC2 - Sagard The Barbarian)
par Gary Gygax
The Crimson Sea (HC3 - Sagard The Barbarian)
par Gary Gygax
The Fire Demon (HC4 - Sagard The Barbarian)
par Gary Gygax
Against the Giants
par Ru Emerson (1999)

Vengeance Will Be Served

A village burns while its attackes flee into the night. Enraged, the King of Keoland orders an aging warrior to lead a band of adventurers on a retaliatory strike. As they prepare to enter the heart of the monsters' lair, each knows only the bravest will survive. Against the odds. Against the giants.
White Plume Mountain
par Paul Kidd (10/1999)

A remorseless ranger. A sentient hell hound pelt with a penchant for pyromania. An irksome pixie who sells intrigue and information.

Three companions who find themselves trapped in a city filled with warring priestly factions, devious machinations, and an angry fiend. To save the city, they must find three weapons of power, which lie in the most trap-laden, monster-infested place this side of Acererak's tomb: White Plume Mountain.
Descent into the Depths of the Earth
par Paul Kidd (06/2000)

Fresh from their encounter at White Plume Mountain, the Justicar and Escalla are on the way to Hommlet. But life around a pixie is never exactly...stable. Escalla is drawn into the intrigues of the faerie court. Before he knows it, to save her life the Justicar is on his way into the depths of the earth to fight hobgoblis, drow, and the queen of the demonweb pits.

For an adventurer, it's all in a day's work.
The Temple of Elemental Evil
par Thomas M. Reid (05/2001)

A sinister force, long thought destroyed, stirs in the land. As a she-demon bent on wreaking worldwide havoc struggles to escape her prison and a foul demigod plots to bend her to his will, a band of desperate heroes must infiltrate the very heart of darkness in a daring attempt to stop them both.
Queen of the Demonweb Pits
par Paul Kidd (10/2001)

For one man, fighting in the Greyhawk Wars wasn't hell - It was practice

The Justicar, a ruthless ranger with a haunted past, hast dedicated his life to protecting the weak and punishing the guilty. But his past is about to catch up with him.

Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders, is out for revenge. She has not forgotten her banishment at the hands of the ranger. Unleashing hordes of monsters and demons, she will stop at nothing to kill the Justicar and his companions.

Her vengeance may be the last mistake she ever makes.
Keep on the Borderlands
par Ru Emerson (11/2001)

The keep has fallen on hard times.

Raiders batter the outer walls...Hordes of goblins and orcs roam the countryside, attacking trade caravans and killing merchants...A mysterious stream of dark-robed priests travels through the keep's walls, heading out into the wilderness, never to be heard from again...Amid all this trouble, a band of hired adventurers journeys to the Caves of Chaos to stem the tide of turmoil once and for all...The borderlandsmay never be safe again.
The Tomb of Horrors
par Keith Francis Strohm (02/2002)

Kaerion Whitehart was once a mighty paladin, but sins of the past have cast him far from the light. Together with an elf mercenary, he now survives by the might of his sword alone.

In exchange for a hefty purse, the two friends agree to accompany a band of patriots into a tomb haunted by fear and legend. They soon find the mission growing beyond their control. As warring factions vie for the ultimate prize of a long-dead wizard, Kaerion finds himself caught between death and redemption.
Bigby's Curse (Endless Quest)
par Gary Gygax
Siege of the Tower (Endless Quest)
par Kem Antilles

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