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Le Monde de Greyhawk
par Armenfrast
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (1/8)
Part #1 "The Last of my Father"
by Jay Donovan, Tyler Walpole & Hung Mac.

Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular role-playing game ever. Now D&D returns to comics and wastes no time in wreaking havoc upon the hapless citizens of Rel Astra within the world of Greyhawk.
Three powerful dragons come in search of a treasure that Rel Astra must give up or the dragons will decimate every living creature within the metropolis. There is a problem; Rel Astra doesn't have it! Four brave souls are charged with the responsibility of finding what the dragons seek before their home is burned to the ground. Can these heroes save their people in time when they do not even know what they are searching for?
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (2/8)
Part #2 "In the Belly of the Lone Heath"
by Jay Donovan, writer; Tyler Walpole, pencils; Andy Brase, inks; Chad Fidler, color; Hung Mac, covers; Mark Plemmons, managing editor.

As the adventurers' dramatic journey in Greyhawk continues, Rel Astra's champions must now navigate past the hidden dangers of the Lone Heath. However, they do this with the addition of a mighty Hammerback dwarf joining the mission...much to Kiernan's dismay. Will the heroes be able to endure the treacherous swampland or will it swallow them up one by one? Perhaps the key to their survival lies with a hidden stranger tracking them since their departure from the metropolis.
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (3/8)
Part #3 "Through the Dakness of Anasteo"

As the travelers make their way towards the Caverns of Anasteo, Lucien receives a secret order regarding his companion Kiernan. Will a hero fall to a surprise ambush within the caverns? And will the attacker be their worst enemy, their closest friend, or an unstoppable monster? Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger cloaked in white awaits the arrival of Rel Astra's heroes with unclear intentions.
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (4/8)
Part #4 "The Lies That Bind"

After a surprise underground ambush splinters the party, the heroes find themselves set upon from all sides. Savage attacks from vicious monsters claim the life of a friend, and the rest leave the caverns disheartened and discouraged. But even more troubles await them as they journey to the city of Roland. Will the heroes find who they seek? Or will they get even less than they bargained for?
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (5/8)
Part #5 "Guardian of the Dragonhold"

In this issue, our heroes travel through the Grandwood Forest seeking the Dragonhold, a magical item which may be able to save the city of Rel Astra from Blackwing and his dragon siblings. But to reach the Dragonhold, two heroes must face their deepest secrets and darkest fears. Will they maintain their sanity and survive - in time to meet yet another threat?
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (6/8)
Part #6 "An Eclipse of Stolen Blood"

After our heroes mind-bending journey through the mystical space containing the Dragonhold weapon, they meet an even more deadly obstacle - Azzre, the dragon sibling of Blackwing and Eclipse. But Azzre does not come to do battle, but rather to deal secretly with the heroes. Azzre offers the heroes a solution they hadnt considered before, but can a dragons word be trusted? Must someone die before the mighty dragon Blackwing can be defeated? This issue also features the confrontation between the paladin Lucien and the convicted murderer Kiernan. Will either one walk away alive?
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (7/8)
Part #7 "Wrapped in Betrayal's Kiss"

This penultimate issue begins with the fearsome dragon Blackwing fast approaching the metropolis of Rel Astra. But Blackwing is not the only threat to the city... The greatest threat to the heroes lurks within their own group! Some will fight. Some will die. And one will betray them all.
Dungeons and Dragons: In the Shadow of Dragons (8/8)
Part #8 "Where Stangers Once Stood..."

The stunning conclusion to this incredible saga! Our heroes face not one, but two dangerous threats - a fearsome dragon attack and a murderous assault by one whom they formerly called friend. Death, betrayal, murder, and revenge. Its all here... but how will it end? The answer will surprise you!
Dungeons and Dragons: Tempest's Gate (1/4)
Book #1 "Born of Fire"

At the farthest reaches of the Kingdom of Bissel lies the outpost of Tempest's Gate. Bordered by the monster infested Barrier Peaks and threatened by seasonal flash floods along the Realstream River, assignment to Border Patrol duty here is tantamount to exile. Aidus, a young paladin in command of an isolated border colony soon realizes his inexperience is more than dangerous - its deadly! Raiding orcs, a fiery sorceress, true love, and mysterious new companions are only a few of the dangers Aidus must face, as tensions in the border town bubble over.
Dungeons and Dragons: Tempest's Gate (2/4)
Book #2 "Forged in Tears"

Both the dwarven mining colony of Kharak Dhul and our small border town, Tempest's Gate, were attacked. A violent swarm of oghs, led by a powerful fire sorceress known only as Mistress Flame, is sweeping over the land. And to make matters worse, my tavern's in ruins. A barbarian clan led by Chief urik arrived to help, just in time. Apparently, the chief knew Aidus' father. Oh, did i forget to mention Aidus ? He's the cute paladin in charge of Tempest Gate's military garrison - though I guess thet should be 'former' military garrison now.
While the paladin Aidus journeys to the capital with his new ally, the powerful sorcerer Zed-Kraken, the beautiful half-elf Vail fights a lone battle against a pair of savage were-rats! Will Aidus survive a duel to the death, not to mention political conflicts and assassinations? Who are the mysterious were-rats, and who are the other pair watching and waiting in the shadows? And what is the tragic past that ties all our heroes together? Find out - if you dare...
Dungeons and Dragons: Tempest's Gate (3/4)
Book #3 "Tempered in Fellowship"

In the capital city, Aidus and Zed-Kraken continue to struggle against their mysterious and powerful attacker. Meanwhile, the rest of the fellowship band together for a dangerous journey into the Barrier Peaks, hoping to bring an end to Mistress Flames reign of destruction. Will anyone survive to reach the end of the story? And just who is the griffon-riding Stealth - a strange new ally, or a deadly new enemy?
Dungeons and Dragons: Tempest's Gate (4/4)
Book #4 "Sheathed in Justice"

The paladin Aidus and his adventurers confront the Minions of Evil within a forgotten dungeon. Traps, undead guardians and the Fire Sorceress Mistress Flame all await to test the companions. Who will fall in battle? The fantastic conclusion to the Tempest Gate mini-series !
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (1/6)
Part #1 "Once a Thief"

A beautiful half-elven thief attempts to escape capture for having unwittingly stolen information that could expose a decades-long plans to overthrow the governments of central Flanaess. Join Tinelith and her companions, Snibb the gnome wizard and Benni the half-orc fighter, as they fight for their own survival - and perhaps a bit of profit - against those who work in darkness and think only in shades of gray.
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (2/6)
Part #2 "New Friends, Old Enemies"

In this issue, safely away from Rel Mord, the half-elven thief Tinlith and her friends believe themselves to be safe amongst the Nyrond countryside. Unfortunately for them, roadside bandits and tribes of ogres know the countryside, too. With nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide, our heroes flee into the woods, where they unexpectedly come face to face with new friends and old enemies.
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (3/6)
Part #3 "Woodwych"

After being taken prisoner by the rangers of Stalwart Pines, Tinélith and her cohorts are transferred to Woodwych. Will Tinélith's mysterious past be uncovered? Of course, there are bound to be surprising results that will shake the balance of power in Nyrond.
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (4/6)
Part #4 "Lambs to the Slaughter"

The bold new era of D&D comics continues with the fourth issue of this exciting 6-issue mini-series! Tinélith and her band of adventurers continue to flee from their royal pursuers when they are attacked by a band of fearsome bandits. Or are they? Random events begin to fall into place as the group begins to question whether or not they are even in control of their destiny.
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (5/6)
Part #5 "The Return"

Last issue, Rel Mord's Commander of the City Guardsmen, Grakin captured the travelers, only to let them escape as part of an elaborate plan to frame the group as rebels carrying plans to overthrow the Nyrondan monarchy. As they escaped, the thorns of a poisonous plant scratched Snibb. As we join the group, they have made it to the town of Beetu in southern Nyrond…
Dungeons and Dragons: Black & White (6/6)
Part #6 "Coming Home"

Tinélith, a half-elf thief, Benni, the half-orc fighter, Snibb, a gnome wizard, and Bernleough, a human cleric attempt to avoid capture for the theft of government scrolls. In this issue, Tinélith skulks the lower levels of the Royal Castle of Rel Mord, pursued by Darzhellim, Bernleough and other unsuspected allies. Can Tinélith get the scrolls to King Lynwerd before they do? Or will the rebels capture her first, spinning the incident into one that incriminates her and exonerates them? Everything comes together in "Coming Home," the final issue of this exciting 6-issue miniseries.
Where Shadows Fall
Dungeons & Dragons: Where Shadows Fall (1/5)
by Jay Donovan

A forbidden romance between the children of two warring leaders sparks a tale of magic, betrayal, kidnapping, and rising undead. And guess who gets dragged in to help... From the pages of "In the Shadow of Dragons" return Kiernan the rogue, Lucien the paladin and Roarn the dwarven fighter!

This full-color, five-issue monthly series is scheduled to premiere in early 2003.
Dungeons & Dragons: Where Shadows Fall (2/5)
by Jay Donovan

Dungeons & Dragons: Where Shadows Fall (3/5)
by Jay Donovan

Dungeons & Dragons: Where Shadows Fall (4/5)
by Jay Donovan

Dungeons & Dragons: Where Shadows Fall (5/5)
by Jay Donovan

Vecna - Hand of the Revenant
by Modi Thorsson & Kevin McCann

From the birth of fantasy as a genre and for 30 years since, the name of Vecna has terrified generations of gamers and been instrumental in creating the new sub-genre of fantasy-horror. Now, three decades after his creation in the Dungeons & Dragons game, writer Modi Thorsson (Master of the Void, Lords of Creation) and artist Kevin McCann (Battletech, Ravenloft) bring the Whispered One into the world of graphic novels! Thirty years of material, hundreds of submissions from fans, and two years of production time have finally brought to life the grim origins of one of the most sinister figures in all of Fantasy. Vecna: Hand of the Revenant is a dark journey into magic and horror both for the thousands who have grown up in Vecna's shadow, and for those who have yet to feel that darkness!

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